Friday, May 21, 2010


We Americans are gullible people. Trusting that no public official would lie to us, we accept Official Pronouncements. from talking heads. We the People are flat broke and must tighten our belts.

Except those of us holding all the cash.

The real culprits are the scammers who have been squeezing American labor with undocumented workers and offshore sweatshops. Both groups are willing to perform a multitude of tasks at a fraction of the wages needed by American workers to maintain their present standard of living.

The captains of industry promulgate pastries for the masses. Employees are easily axed, giving an immediate boost to the bottom line. Stock prices elevate.

Under NAFTA and GATT, multi-national and US corporations are free to exploit all manner of sub-US-living-wage workers to bolster their profits. Their fellow citizens be damned, as far as these guys are concerned. They are not our friends, nor do their shills in most Government slots represent us. We the People have a handful of faithful legislators working on our behalf.

While squandering $Trillions in fruitless land wars in Asia, the Government tells us that there is no money to ease the economic deprivations of Americans resultant from these globalist policies.

Those crossing the border illegally have been deprived of their own livelihoods via the influx of cheap US ag products and new megafarm plantations in their homelands. They seek a better life. Families are ripped apart. As many as a dozen laborers live crammed into spaces designed for single occupancy. Local zoning and law enforcement look the other way, because cheap labor fuels the upper crust economy.

Misplaced anger at the offshore workers and undocumented in our midst is fanned by popular media. Pitting US born against immigrants results in a misdirection of public ire at the pawns rather than the perps of these outrages.

Regulate Wall Street and bring those boys to account!

And all you hoarders of wealth -- it's time to kick enough down to the rest of us to get our economy going again...

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