Sunday, October 16, 2011


I dropped out of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, because I figured that I had done my time trying to "fix" problems with the American business world. My efforts produced a crackdown in the industry (title insurance) but left me in poor health and without any desire to return to work for Corporate America.

These same companies are illegally outsourcing jobs to Asia right now, and their former employees (and my former coworkers and friends) are faced with upside-down mortgages and no jobs adequate to pay the bloated loans. Government agencies refuse to enforce anti-outsourcing jobs on the books. Somebody else needs to fight that battle.

But I woke up this morning from a dream of a family re-taking their own home.

The bank was ready to foreclose. They had vacated the premises on the promise of a token payment for leaving peacefully. The bank would receive full payment via TARP bailout money for the foreclosed note. And the house.

The family just said NO.

They moved back in. They turned on the utilities again. They began to repair the damage from neglect. Up and down the block, one by one, families followed their lead. They stood together. They OCCUPIED their own homes and neighborhoods.

The same people that own these banks and finance companies will only listen to US if we are united as a people. They laugh and make fun of our Occupy movements. They own and control most of our elected officials. They think they've won.

It's time to play hardball. Hit them where it hurts: their pocketbooks!

If you are in an upside-down loan, DO NOT make your next payment. Or any more payments until the bank renegotiates your loan to reduce the balance to 50% of the present "market value". If you are unemployed, the bank must not only renegotiate your loan, but waive payments until you have been restored to a living-wage job.

And if you are lucky enough to still have a bank account, move your money to a local community bank or credit union.

They structured the collapse. They outsourced our jobs and business. They engineered the crisis. They have already received $16 Trillion in bailout money that we know about.

And they want our homes, too. And land. And water. They want it all.

Organize your neighborhoods. Force your US Representatives and Senators to take action. They've driven the getaway car for the guys that have stolen our jobs, economy and natural resources. Now they are fiddling about while the 0.1% steal our homes and continue to do business as usual in the midst of nationwide protests.

Our government could take action. But they must face a nationwide crisis before they will. In the 1930's North Dakota dealt with a similar situation, and it's government responded. If we stand together from shore to shore, ours will too. But we must stand together.


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