Thursday, July 30, 2009


The recent news story Britain and U.S. defend war effort in Afghanistan (Source - Reuters 07-29-2009) displays justification for another lynchpin in the preservation of ongoing overseas oppression by the Anglo-American Empire for all to see.

Slavery in Great Britain may have formally ended prior to that in the USA, but England has maintained her own “peculiar institutions” of indentured servitude in its mills and poorhouses in the British Isles and overseas “wogforce” exploitation in its Asian possessions. Not to mention British East and South African theft of labor and resources by fomenting inter-tribal conflict. Afghanistan is yet another chapter in that sad story.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband made a speech on 21 May 2008 purporting concern over establishment and maintenance of "Democracy" in Afghanistan. But he let slip the real Anglo-American motivation for propping up the puppet “democratic” government of Hamid Karzai (former pipeline consultant) – explaining the regional importance of the gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan and India. The online edition of The Hindu reported on New Delhi's support for the project (April 23, 2008) to replace fading supplies of natural gas from Iran and other sources.

The war in Afghanistan is not about Oil – it’s about A GAS PIPELINE!

Meanwhile back in Bagdad, Iraq's Joint Venture Agreement with The UK's Mesopotamia Petroleum provides further evidence that the Anglo-American War in Iraq was about OIL – just follow the Black Gold. While Saddam was in power, all oil and gas co-development contracts (once the embargo was lifted) would have gone to French and Russian companies. Now that a new “democracy” has been established there, England and America get a BIG piece of the pie. Coincidence?

Saddest of all – both America and England are importing coolies from more impoverished countries to labor on their multi-national corporations’ projects in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Peonage of foreign labor increases profits for the corporation bigwigs and shareholders, but it cuts the local labor force out of the picture. Consequential opium trade, insurgency and regional anti-American and anti-British sentiments "justify" our continued military presence to protect "democracy" and our interests in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is Democracy?

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  1. This final issue, "justify[ing]our continued presence" is the basic conundrum we faced after Pres Clinton missed his target (BinLaden). The Bush Adm, following 9/11, claimed every prior cabinet meeting was focused on efforts to stop BinLaden. Unfortunately they were not focused on preventing the causes which give rise to the success of a BinLaden, nor on thwarting the operatives. But by focusing on a circuitous of militarism, each side has amplified that problem. This would be called positive feedback to a counter productive social ill, and would be EXPECTED to amplify the negative situation.
    In a negative situation, with positive feedback,ie an eccentric wobble under a continuing force, the situation would deteriorate rapidly (witness Tom Skerritt's death in "Contact").
    If we examine the social perturbations since the 1980 Russian-Afgan war, we see accelerating escalation after accelerating escalation (examined from the side of the West). Not to mention the rapid expansion of Islam.
    As Gandhi said, we need to be the agent of the change we want to see. YHS=TCE