Friday, August 7, 2009


I have seen the future of the present Healthcare "REFORM" Bill, and it is thus:

The final Bill will be the same schlock as the Big Pharma-approved drug plan passed under Bush II - the whole pie will get siphoned up to the wealthiest Americans behind Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Healthnets - and it'll be a pie-pan in the sky for those in really in need. Now, that's true Anti-Communism!

A common Christian argument against the Bill misses the real point:

"Our Lord said 'Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's' and 'You care for the sick.' He didn't say 'Give unto Caesar so that Caesar can care for the sick.' He said, 'You care for the sick.' It's not Caesar's job, it's your job."

Unless somebody is suggesting that we resurrect the British Empire, there is no “Caesar” in the USA. Our form of Government consists of all Americans (e pluribus Unum) acting via our elected representatives. We do not elect Leaders, Lords or Masters, but Public Servants.

As Americans, we have formerly been able to help the least fortunate among us via the common purse without multiplied administration costs of umpteen charities. Since there is no established Church here, Christians could pool their resources with those of other faiths (or no faith) to do good works. Except the biggest penny-pinchers among us, we Americans have generally agreed that it is better to help those in need for the greater Public Good.

However, instead of acting as our Public Servants, our elected officials have fooled the People into accepting their Lordship over Us as they serve instead men with suitcases of money. Nobody seems to notice is that our Public Servants have struck deals with devils in this “health care reform” legislation to further line the pockets of a few of their hidden masters.

We Christians, Conservatives and grumpy old folks quibble about points in the proposed Bill that most Americans consider quaint, arcane or laughable (valid or not). Meanwhile, the puppeteers behind Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Healthnets salivate over the Trillions we’re expected to deliver into their coffers, with our "Public Servants" telling us there is no better Plan possible.

Just like the leeches that have made their fortunes off Iraq and Afghanistan and their governmental facilitators.

The question remains:

Do we as Americans (a) do nothing and ignore the looming medical needs of 47 million of our fellow Americans, (b) propose modifications to the Bills presently under consideration in the House and Senate, or (c) come up with a reasonable alternative Bill for our Reps and Senators to adopt?

I suggest (c): A Bill to Restore and Fund Community Clinics and Hospitals. These have been clandestinely privatized, gutted and closed over the past twenty years, leaving many communities with little or no healthcare services for the uninsured (other than the ER).

Just as our military and private mercenaries spent trillions on "shock and awe" weapons to destroy all the infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan so the multinationals could "rebuild" the same with our tax dollars, the crooks that destroyed our public clinics and hospitals want us to pay them beau-coups profits from our taxes to reform the system they have rendered impotent.

Not with my future tax dollars, I say. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

It has been a crime of unimaginable proportion to pour trillions of ours and our grandchildren's taxes into endless land wars in Asia - profiting a few directors and major shareholders of multinational corporations. Yet some among us still obediently cry "Commie!" (or even worse: "Canada!") when considering public funding for any medical plan to help our neighbor that does not profit Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Healthnets.

Time to get back to the drawing board on Healthcare Reform, and keep it simple.

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  1. right on Patrick ! you are 100% correct. Now to educate the ignorant masses who have been propaganized by main-stream media and our very own corrupted or cowardly congress. Keep up yhe activism.